cj’s culture is the organic result of an environment that welcomes open feedback, constant learning, and some pretty unconventional ways of having fun. We really are different, and that’s something we don’t mind bragging about.

Not only do our perks celebrate skill and reward creativity, they also make cj a truly unique place to work.


At cj, we have a team of “FiSH!” running wild through our offices. But before you grab your bait and tackle, let us clarify an important point—our FiSH! are people. And for more than five years, they’ve used every resource available to eliminate workplace monotony and make work fun. That means food trucks, beer carts, and…proms?

Plans for FiSH! events often remain shrouded in mystery. But the four principles FiSH! members use to keep our creatives, data crunchers, and media experts feeling alive and inspired are no secret:

  • Make Their Day.

Project deadlines are approaching, emails are streaming in, and your latte just spilled all over your favorite shirt. Our all-knowing FiSH! team knows how hard you’ve been working. And though they may not be able to replace your shirt, they can give you a surprise gift card to lift your spirits. These small gestures go a long way, and our FiSH! are always looking for new opportunities to make someone’s day here at cj.

  • Play.

Sometimes we need to put down our media schedules to bedazzle fanny packs or defend our cornhole skills in a parking lot tournament. The energy generated by FiSH! activities like these translates to the work we do every day—because all work and no play makes the office a dull place.

  • Be There.

Zombies are terrible team members. FiSH! keeps our grunting and shuffling to a minimum by keeping us “in the zone”—mentally and physically. Have you seen our high stakes Wii golf tournament? Picture the Masters Tournament with a 70s green blazer and way more screaming. Enough said!

  • Choose Your Attitude.

Great minds think alike, and we’ve collectively chosen to make cj a great place to work. We’re talented, we’re creative, and we refuse to accept boredom in the workplace. FiSH! embodies our desire to mix fun and hard work, and we’re willing to think “outside the bowl” to make that happen.

You don't have to be a FISH member to make someone's day. Every gesture, even small ones, can help us maintain the culture of supporting one another and building the TRUST that propels the organization forward.



At cj, our book club can't help us run faster or jump higher, but it can help us develop our knowledge and skills in areas related to what we do every day. Did we mention we pay people to read?

So what makes our book club “better?” Here's how it works in three simple steps:

    1. Read
      We have a growing in-house library of nearly 400 books, movies, and audio books covering a range of industry-related topics, such as management, self-help, and business. And there's no set course—each team member chooses what to read, listen to, or watch.
    2. Report
      Our monthly book club meetings let us review the material we've read and share what we've learned. We talk about how our books apply to what we do at cj, who may benefit from certain books the most, and our favorite excerpts and quotations. It's a collaborative, no-pressure environment that allows us to suggest new books to team members across all of our departments.
    3. Reward
      Our participants earn money based on point values assigned to our books, movies, and audio books. We also get public recognition for the points we've earned. Not bad, right?

Our book club program has been such a success that we launched BetterBookClub.com to help other companies implement better book clubs of their own.



We hire the best at cj—but even the best can get better. From conferences in San Francisco to training events in New York City, we’ve flown our team members all over North America to learn from the biggest names in the advertising industry. 

Why? We believe taking the time to learn about new market principles or cutting-edge design techniques helps us create winning relationships with our clients. And as our firm grows to meet the needs of our clients, so does our commitment to making our team members the absolute best at what they do.


cwac-perks-r2.png CWAC

Camels With a Cause, affectionately referred to as CWAC, is a fundraising and volunteering initiative designed to support charitable organizations. Led by our team members within the 300 10th Avenue South building, we’ve served more than 160 hours and raised over $140,000 for a variety of local and national causes. And the best part? 100% of proceeds raised by CWAC are donated directly to each charity we help.

Since 2008, CWAC has donated time, money, and supplies to charities in the Nashville area and beyond—and our work is never done. For a full timeline of our contributions, or to check out what we’ve been up to lately, visit our Camels With a Cause website.


More Perks

There’s so much to love about working at cj Advertising. We’ve complied a list of all the great perks our team members get for showing up, working hard, and embodying our core values every day.