At cj, we have a team of “FiSH!” running wild through our offices. But before you grab your bait and tackle, let us clarify an important point—our FiSH! are people. And for more than five years, they’ve used every resource available to eliminate workplace monotony and make work fun. That means food trucks, beer carts, and…proms?

Plans for FiSH! events often remain shrouded in mystery. But the four principles FiSH! members use to keep our creatives, data crunchers, and media experts feeling alive and inspired are no secret:

  1. Make Their Day. Project deadlines are approaching, emails are streaming in, and your latte just spilled all over your favorite shirt. Our all-knowing FiSH! team knows how hard you’ve been working. And though they may not be able to replace your shirt, they can give you a surprise gift card to lift your spirits. These small gestures go a long way, and our FiSH! are always looking for new opportunities to make someone’s day here at cj.
  2. Play. Sometimes we need to put down our media schedules to bedazzle fanny packs or defend our cornhole skills in a parking lot tournament. The energy generated by FiSH! activities like these translates to the work we do every day—because all work and no play makes the office a dull place.
  3. Be There. Zombies are terrible employees. Luckily, FiSH! keeps our grunting and shuffling to a minimum by keeping us “in the zone”—mentally and physically. Have you seen our high stakes Wii golf tournament? Picture the Masters Tournament with a 70s green blazer and way more screaming. Enough said!
  4. Choose Your Attitude. Great minds think alike, and we’ve collectively chosen to make cj Advertising a great place to work. We’re talented, we’re creative, and we refuse to accept boredom in the workplace. FiSH! embodies our desire to mix fun and hard work, and we’re willing to think “outside the bowl” to make that happen.