At cj, our Book Club can’t help us run faster or jump higher, but it can help us develop our knowledge and skills in a variety of areas related to what we do every day. Did we mention we also pay people to read?

So how do books translate to money at cj? Here’s how it works in three simple steps:

  1. Read We have a growing in-house library of nearly 400 books, movies, and audio books covering a range of industry-related topics, such as management, self-help, and business. And there’s no set course—each employee chooses what to read, listen to, or watch.
  2. Report Our quarterly book club meetings let us review the material we’ve read and share what we’ve learned. We talk about how our books apply to what we do at cj, who may benefit from certain books the most, and our favorite excerpts and quotations. It’s a collaborative, no-pressure environment that allows us to suggest new books to team members across all of our departments.
  3. Reward Our participants earn money based on point values assigned to our books, movies, and audio books. We also get public recognition for the points we’ve earned. Not bad, right?