Our Culture 

Wii golf tournaments. Shorts and flip-flops. Cold beers on Friday afternoons. 

These are just a few of the things that make us who we are.

At cj Advertising, culture is king. It’s part of our identity. It empowers us to overcome our failures and celebrate our successes. And it’s why we want to come to work and give 100 percent every day.  

Core Values

Our culture isn’t just about fun perks. It’s also based on four Core Values:

 Core Values

These tenets are key components of our company’s Strategic Plan, but they aren’t just corporate buzzwords—they’re words we take to heart in our personal and professional lives.

 Our Story

cj advertising’s story begins with a pink slip.

In 1994, Arnie Malham got fired from his job at a Nashville television station, partly because he was spending so much time and effort on his side business—an advertising agency for personal injury lawyers. Getting fired was a powerful motivating force. Without a steady 9 to 5, Arnie dove headfirst into the side business he ran out of his home, and along with his business partner Jimmy Bewley, laid the foundation for cj Advertising.

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 Our Perks

cj’s culture is the organic result of an environment that welcomes open feedback, constant learning, and some pretty unconventional ways of having fun. We really are different, and that’s something we don’t mind bragging about.

Not only do our perks celebrate skill and reward creativity, they also make cj a truly unique place to work.

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